Flags of One Family

Wings medFlags of One Family (also called Wings of the Heart) are a symbol of all humans on earth, for unity and cooperation. They create for people the feeling of belonging to our planet. Travel to outer space shows us that we are no longer limited by geopolitical boundaries, and are a whole, living, interconnected organism.

In 1984, Linda DeHart created these flags, which people are using in celebrations for peace around the world. Their many colors and sizes visually depict our diversity and one-ness, beauty, and harmony. Flags that unite (rather than separate) make visible the intention of people to work together, as all people on Earth.

Celebrations incorporating Flags of One Family have appeared for the past 28 years all over the world, including in 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Nicholas Roerich Museum in Moscow, events with The World Peace Prayer Society in New York, and many other locations.